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KCC has successfully undertaken many Car Park Surfacing projects in and around London over the years and we understand that your car park plays a huge role in determining the overall appearance of your home or office building. It provides a place where your guests or clients can park their vehicles.

Naturally, Your car park should be smooth, neat, safe to operate within, and welcoming. Most car parks are made of asphalt or tarmac. Over time, they can develop a collection of problems such as include cracks, potholes, weeds and discoloration. If your car park has developed any of these problems, as a professional commercial tarmacking company, we can help.

We carry out Car park tarmac repairs throughout London. We will get the job done quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption to your neighbors!.

We offer a range of car park surfacing options including:

  • Parking Lines
  • Speed Bumps
  • Slow lettering
  • No Parking lines
  • Pothole Repair

If you would like your car park repainted, we’re the company for you. We can provide white or yellow line marking to outline and mark sections of your car park. We can also add signs such as the disability parking logo and speed limits on your car park.

Please be aware that we have special rapid carpark surfacing repair teams ready to fix your carpark or driveway as soon as you need it. Simply contact us today on

07309 639449 or 01183 915129


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