tarmac contractor London and SurreyLooking for quality tarmac drive contractors in Woking?

Used for multiple reasons, tarmac is one of the most popular materials for driveway and path construction. Not only cost effective, tarmac is also durable and when laid with proper preparation it is easily installed on nearly any surface. When combined with its easy to maintain and repair, you'll rest assured that your new driveway will last you for years and not cost you a fortune in maintenance.

At HTS LTD are the tarmac contractors in Woking as we use only the highest quality materials in any contracted work we carry out, so you'll receive a quality finish with no surprises throughout Woking in Surrey.

Did you know that Tarmacadam sets quickly and can be driven on the very same day which means it causes minimal disruption for road users, businesses and customers in Woking areas.

Benefits of tarmac restoration Woking:

-Will restore original colour and appearance of a tarmac or asphalt surface.
-Saves money by avoiding the need to replace a tarmac surface
-Significantly extends the lifespan of a tarmac surface (driveway, car park, tennis court, play grounds)
-Inhibits the growth of weeds, algae and moss
-Removing oil leaks and fuel spillages is much easier

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Tarmac supplied and laid from £14.95 per square metre this winter in Woking